DSTV Fourways

Frequently Asked Questions at DSTV Fourways

How long does it take to install DSTV?

It takes usually takes a few hours for us to setup your entire DSTV package including the satellite as well.

Your prices are affordable, what is included in your offer?

All our DSTV offers include all the hardware that is required for you to successfully enjoy DSTV on your TV.

  1. The Single View DSTV Decoder includes:

Satellite Dish and wall bracket, MultiChoice DSTV decoder with IRC (Infrared Remote Control) up to 15 meters cable as approved by MultiChoice.

  1. The PVR Decoder includes:
  1. If you do not have an existing DSTV installation

The Satellite Dish, LNB and cables from the decoder to the satellite dish up to 15 meters, if a longer cable is required it is charged accordingly, the PVR decoder as supplied by MultiChoice which normally includes a smart card, two IRC and a TV Link.

  1. The PVR Decoder includes:
  1. If you have an existing Single View DSTV installation

Twin LNB, additional cable for the second channel, PVR decoder as supplied by MultiChoice which includes PVR decoder, Smart Card, 2 IRC, a single TV link gadget and a subscription form for MultiChoice services.

I would like to repair my decoder, how long will it take?

It depends on how extensive the damages are, our technicians will provide a time estimation once they have found the source of the problem.

Do I have to be home for you to install DSTV?

Yes, we will need to access your home in order to fully install your DSTV because we have drill holes from in the home, setup the decoder and run tests from inside the house.